Where do you want to travel?

Hello people. Jay has returned. Or is it Mike? I forget. In this post, although it may seem a bit unorthodox, rather than talking about a trip i’ve taken myself, I want to potentially start a discussion about travelling in general, and tell you all about the different places that I want to visit at some point in my life.

I’ve done a lot of travelling in my time. I’ve been to Australia, Asia, Africa (briefly) and America. the only continent that I haven’t properly visited is South America (as well as Antarctica but that doesn’t really count does it?) so I bet you can already guess that it is high up on my list of places I want to visit as soon as possible.

Luckily I have a job and a lifestyle that means I have quite a bit of time-off each year. I try my best to spend this travelling, or out of my house and comfort zone actually doing something with myself, rather than wasting my time and days at home doing next to nothing.

I love my time off, but part of me feels I don’t always use it the most wisely. I do almost always go away on some sort of holiday abroad, but unfortunately there have been quite a few holidays that I didn’t really enjoy too much, and by the time i’d got back from them I’d wished that I did my homework before I booked it and actually had a fairly good idea of what it would be like.

The problem with me is I’m a sucker for adverts. Whenever I see a holiday package deal, or even those adverts that just specifically advertise a random country, I almost always want to go there immediately.

I don’t know what exactly makes me feel like this. I put it down to the strength of the advert and it’s campaign. Those stupid promotional videos get me every time and they are very beautifully and cleverly made. I’ve actually taken an interest in film making, purely for this reason and have found some great companies that do just that primarily. One is a corporate and commercial video production company based in the US. You should check them out.

I’m still here

Just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth – I am in fact still here. If you remember my first introductory post, this space is going to be used by me as a way of keeping track of all my thoughts and feelings. I honestly don’t know what exactly my next piece will be about – all I know is that it will be about soon!

Take a visit in a few days and you might just stumble upon something new and interesting.

My Trip down to South Wales

Hey, Jay here, finally sitting down and writing for the big mike blog. I didn’t really know what the subject of my first article should be, but I’m determined to fill up this blog with some insightful and humorous content so I though I’d tell you about my trip down to Wales, that I went on last week.

It was a hiking weekend away that I reluctantly agreed to go on with my sister. She loves those sort of things, getting out in the great outdoors, getting your hands dirty and your knees up. I just like getting out of the house, so this was quite a good thing the both of us could do together. Besides, I hadn’t seen her in a while and we both agreed it would be a good chance for us to catch up.

We decided to rendezvous in London as that’s where she lives, and then travel from their to Cardiff, and then from there to brecon beacons, where the trip was being held. It was run by a group of professionals from London that do these hiking trips on the weekend for fun. Everyone was arranged to stay at a hostel just at the foot of the beacons, and there was about thirty people there if I remember correctly. Overall I really enjoyed the weekend. There were fun things that had been organised for the evenings entertainment.

We had a barbecue and played some drinking games or though I didn’t indulge myself too much, as I knew it would be an early start the next morning, climbing the biggest hill in Wales! In full, I generally had a really good time. The only downside was travelling back home afterwards. There were really bad delays with our trains, and we basically had to stop off in Bristol for the night. Luckily we found a place in Bristol to rent a room. If not, it would have been tough! We got back home fine the next day. All’s well that ends well I guess!

Fanfare: Big Mike Enters

Hello there. This is my new blog called Big Mike Blog. Although it’s quite confusing, my name isn’t actually Big Mike – it’s Jay. I’m just using this domain as I liked the sound of it.

Anyway, the point of this blog is to give me a space to write down my everyday thoughts and feelings. I honestly don’t know the direction that It will move into yet. All I know is that I’ll try my best to make it as entertaining and readable as possible. All I can do is hope you like it. Come back soon for more.