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Damit sorgt Merkur um die Sicherheit der Spieler.

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Secrets About Besten Casino Exposed – Dr Helio Martinez Urólogo Discussion Video

The Seedy World of Las Vegas: How to Spot a Scammer - Part 1 - TRACKS

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Participation in self-regulatory organizations is mandatory requirement of the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation for companies independently conducting design, engineering and construction.

At least 2, children have now been forcibly separated from their parents by the United States government.

Their stories are wrenching. Natalia Cornelio, an attorney with the Texas Human Rights Project, told CNN about a Honduran mother whose child had been ripped away from her while she was breastfeeding.

In some cases, parents have been deported while their children are still in custody, with no way to retrieve them.

The people fleeing to the U. There are a variety of options for dealing with them short of amnesty, and the separation of families is not legally required.

The barbarism of deliberately inflicting suffering on children as coercion , though, has forced the Trump administration and its allies in the conservative press to offer three contradictory defenses.

The policy is both real and delightful. Sessions told the conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt that the measures in question are routine.

It is not an accident that these three defenses—the policy does not exist, the children are better off under the policy, and the policy is required by law—are contradictory.

The heart of Trumpism is both cruelty and denial. The administration and its supporters valorize cruelty against outsiders even while denying that such cruelty is taking place.

The policy of shattering families and the cacophony of conservative voices defending it are the fruits of a campaign of dehumanization that began when Trump announced his candidacy for president, declaring that Mexico was sending rapists and drug dealers to migrate illegally to the United States.

In the antebellum United States, abolitionists seized on the separation of families by slave traders to indict the institution of slavery itself.

For the enslaved, who lived lives of toil and hardship as chattel, the forced division of families was among the most agonizing experiences they ever suffered or witnessed.

Solomon Northup, who had lived his entire life as a free black man in the North before being abducted into slavery in , was confined alongside a woman named Eliza and her two children, Emily and Randall.

The four were taken to New Orleans. Randall was bought by a Baton Rouge planter. Days later, Eliza and Northup were sold together, ripping Eliza away from Emily.

Northup, who himself endured 12 years of bondage, called it one of the worst things he ever witnessed. Eliza never saw her children again.

She passed, and came near to where I stood. I seized hold of her hand, intending to bid her farewell; but words failed me; the gift of utterance had fled, and I remained speechless.

I followed her for some distance, with her hand grasped in mine, as if to save her from her fate, but I could not speak, and I was obliged to turn away in silence.

The children who survived such separations were marked forever. Williams recounts the story of Charles Ball, who watched his family members being sold off to different masters when he was only 4.

Young and lonely as I was, I could not help crying, oftentimes for hours together. It was hard to get used to being away from my mother.

It has been a life-long, standing grief to me, that I knew so little of my mother; and that I was so early separated from her. The counsels of her love must have been beneficial to me.

The side view of her face is imaged on my memory, and I take few steps in life, without feeling her presence; but the image is mute, and I have no striking words of hers treasured up.

Although defenders of slavery would argue that black people felt no pain from such separations, the slave masters themselves understood the coercive power of shattering family bonds.

After emancipation, freed people would travel hundreds of miles, in an era where such journeys were difficult and perilous, for the smallest chance to find their lost loved ones.

American immigration policy under Trump is not chattel slavery. The children being separated from their families, and the parents being detained as they pick up their children from school, attend church, or go to work, are not being forced into lives of involuntary servitude as property, or passing their condition to their offspring in perpetuity.

There is the intentional cruelty inflicted on the innocent and the denial of that cruelty; the insistence that those targeted by law enforcement are less human than those implementing the law; and the assertion of the primacy of federal law over the wishes of communities to be sanctuaries for all their people.

To preserve the political and cultural preeminence of white Americans against a tide of demographic change, to keep America more white and less brown, the Trump administration has settled on a policy of systemic child abuse intended to intimidate prospective immigrants into submission.

And then, as now, it is this particular feature of a broader system that has roused public outrage as little else has done. Defenders of slavery understood the threat such outrage posed and rushed to quell it.

Some painful instances perhaps may occur. Very few that can be prevented. It is, and it always has been, an object of prime consideration with our slaveholders, to keep families together.

Negroes are themselves both perverse and comparatively indifferent about this matter. Sometimes it happens that a negro prefers to give up his family rather than separate from his master.

I have known such instances. It was the same tripartite denial offered by Trump officials and defenders: separations are rare and not systemic, they may leave children better off, and the maintenance of law and order demands that they take place.

But then, as now, the defense was at odds with reality. Many were younger—some much younger. In , Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Act, which required public officials to assist in the capture of escaped black people or be subject to hefty fines.

Attempts by local officials to provide sanctuary for those fleeing bondage were thus preempted by the federal government; local communities were drawn into a system that tore apart families in the name of preserving order.

Even in free states, Americans were forced to confront their own complicity in maintaining an institution that took children from their parents.

In some cases, it even deported unaccompanied minors. But at the same time, the Obama administration supported a pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants in the United States.

It illustrates a stark difference in motivation. It is a worldview both antithetical to the American creed and inseparable from its execution.

Americans are fighting a part of themselves that they naively thought they had vanquished. From chattel slavery to American Indian schools to convict leasing , child-snatching has been a tradition in America since before there was an America.

If one is convinced that the parents are not truly human, then the children cannot truly be children, and what should be unthinkable becomes inevitable.

The sins of the past are not guardrails. There is nothing to prevent them from being committed again, except for the dedication of the living to creating a better world.

The people in the past who convinced themselves to do unspeakable things were no less human than you or I. They made their decisions; the only thing that prevents history from repeating itself is making different ones.

The president insists in his defense that America must have borders, but America had borders before the architects of Trump administration policy began deliberately shattering families to make a point.

That alone should illustrate the depth of their conviction. To harden oneself against the cries of children is no simple task.

It requires a coldness to suffering that will not be easily thawed. The scars it inflicts on American civic culture will not heal quickly, and they will never completely fade.

Americans should have fathomed the depth of the crisis Trump would cause in , but many chose denial, ridiculing those who spoke the plain meaning of Trumpism as oversensitive.

Since then, Trump has failed the people of Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria ; deliberately revoked the immigration status of hundreds of thousands of black and Latino immigrants ; retreated from civil-rights enforcement ; applied an immigration ban to a set of predominantly Muslim countries ; attempted to turn black athletes into pariahs for protesting the unjust killings of their countrymen by the state; and defended the white nationalists who terrorized Charlottesville, Virginia.

People who would do this to children would do anything to anyone. Before this is over, they will be called to do worse. To the president, the investigation may seem like it has dragged on.

But the longest special-counsel probe—Iran Contra under former President Ronald Reagan—lasted six-and-a-half years.

Bush lasted three-and-a-half years. Here, the most significant revelations the country has learned since Mueller began his probe—revelations that could eventually answer that question.

He also wanted those talks to take place in Russian diplomatic facilities in the U. Kushner explained in a statement prepared for the congressional intelligence committees investigating potential collusion that he had simply been wondering aloud whether such a channel existed, so that the incoming administration could securely discuss their military options in Syria with the Russians.

But he did not initially disclose the Kislyak meeting to U. It was part of a pattern of off-the-books interactions between the Trump campaign and Kislyak.

Two other campaign aides, Carter Page and J. Gordon, spoke to Kislyak following a panel at the Republican National Convention. Just days after Trump took office, his administration looked into lifting the sanctions that former President Barack Obama had imposed on Russia over its meddling in the election.

Tom Malinowski, who stepped down in January as Obama's assistant secretary of state for human rights, told me last June that he and Daniel Fried—then the chief U.

Malinowski was lobbying unofficially. The legislation called for new penalties on Russia and included a provision that gave Congress veto power over any sanctions-lifting package proposed by the White House that would affect Russia.

It passed that summer with a veto-proof majority, effectively forcing Trump to sign the bill. The administration blew through two deadlines to impose the new sanctions as required by law, but began to implement them in waves in March.

Mueller charged Papadopoulos in October for lying to federal agents about his conversations with Mifsud. Papadopoulos pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Mifsud has virtually disappeared since his name was made public late last year. Last July, as Trump and his aides were flying back to the U.

Emails released by Trump Jr. The Atlantic later reported a more complete account of their exchanges. Manafort, the filings say, all but disappeared without paying Deripaska back when the project fell through.

Manafort and Kilimnik met in New York on August 2, The Manafort and Gates indictment contained 12 counts, including conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money, and seven counts of failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts.

Following a second round of indictments against both men in February, Gates decided to cooperate with investigators in exchange for a lesser sentence.

Manafort, meanwhile, has maintained his innocence. His trial is scheduled to begin on July According to Mueller, the defendants took extra steps to make it look like its social-media campaign was based in the U.

One of the biggest scoops in the Russia investigation came just recently, from a lawyer representing the adult-film performer Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against Trump and Michael Cohen.

Cohen had been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg between January and August , the attorney, Michael Avenatti, claimed last week.

He did not offer any evidence up front to support the claim, but soon CNN reported that Mueller had questioned Vekselberg about the payments.

Investigators were reportedly looking for evidence of potential bank fraud, wire fraud, and campaign finance violations.

Filming this series has been a great warm-up to the World Cup and I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did making it. Bangs or "fringe," as it's known pretty much everywhere except the United States, has been an iconic hairstyle for centuries.

We examine the origins of bangs , and talk to real women who reveal how high-maintenance the look really is. Following is a transcript of the video.

Narrator: It's one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time: bangs. Also known as fringe. But we'll get to that later. Bangs have been immortalized by countless movie stars and cultural icons.

So, where did bangs come from? How does one cut them? And what does having bangs say about the women bold enough to wear them?

This is how bangs took over the world. Bangs date all the way back to the 8th century. People often credit the Egyptian queen Cleopatra for bringing them into style.

But that's just a myth. Historians say the credit should go to this guy. His name was Zuriab, an Iraqi Renaissance man known to have started the trend.

Which, as this painting shows, was also adopted by his female fans. Over the next thousand years, bangs became an institution evident in countless paintings of European women in the 18th and 19th centuries.

With the dawn of motion pictures, silent film stars like Louise Brooks made bangs an iconic style of the Roaring Twenties.

Then came the era of the pinup girl. Pioneered by the notorious Betty Page. Europe moved back into the spotlight in the swinging 60s with iconic looks by model Peggy Moffitt and singer Jane Birkin.

Only in Europe, they don't call them bangs. They call it fringe. Which is what the style is known as pretty much everywhere except the US.

So fringe continued to evolve. And sometimes the results were mixed. But the look has endured and some of the most iconic women in the world have made sure that bangs, or fringe, whatever you want to call it is one of the most sought after styles on the planet.

Narrator: So, how does one actually get bangs? Well, that depends on the type of bangs you're going for. There's blunt, wispy, shaggy, choppy, curly, side swept, the options are endless.

We went to Prema hair, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to see how it's done for both straight and curly hair. Gregg Lennon: When someone with straight hair comes in for a fringe, generally we'll want to blow dry all of the hair forward to make sure that we don't have any partings in there.

Draw the hair to the center, go ahead and cut and then soften that line in through there. When someone has curly hair, because the hair doesn't quite sit the same way, I like to go through and cut each curl individually to make sure that it's A, following the line in through there but also shows movement as the curls move.

Narrator: But you don't have to go to a salon to get fabulous bangs. Lots of women prefer to do it themselves.

It's kind of cliche but I actually went to Paris and a lot of girls had them and they just looked so good. It was the first time my haircut really felt like me because it wasn't my mom picking my hairstyle.

After a week or so, that fringe will start to settle in to it's new position and make your life a whole lot easier. Bangs are super high-maintenance.

It's easy to put them in your hair but once they're there, it's a commitment for sure. When it's really windy out and the wind's hitting you in both directions, and then it goes up.

And then you're like, no, that's not how I look, I promise. Narrator: In fact, they can be so high-maintenance they make some women swear off fringe forever.

The one reason why I hated them was because it was just like an extra step in the morning. Ihad bangs as a baby because in the 90s that's just normal.

Do you see this? Look how cute I was. I don't know what happened. People usually ask me, oh why, I loved when you had bangs.

I'm like, you loved me with bangs but you wouldn't love having them yourself, that's pretty much what it is. It's just too much work.

Narrator: But there are shortcuts. Like these clip in bangs which don't require the months it takes to grow them back out.

Bangs have been around for centuries, representing some of the most iconic style moments of all time. They may be a lot of work but one thing is pretty certain, they're never going out of style.

I don't know, my face was way too round for them. And then after awhile I'd wear them on the side like that. Like, you can't really see that.

But like, they wouldn't fully cover my head. And another thing, is when you're growing them out, like, some of these pictures I have, this is a picture of me April 5, The Board of Directors took note on the report on consolidated investment program for — and an update on investment program for as well as its sources of financing.

The draft investment program for includes commissioning of more than 1. The Board of Directors accepted proposal submitted by the shareholders of the Company on the list of candidates to the Board of Directors to be voted at AGM.

The list includes the following candidates:. The Agenda contains the following items:. And of the twenty-one startups in its current program, twelve are founded or co-founded by women.

How did we get here? With a lot of forethought and planning. Just three years ago, our membership looked very different.

It was mostly male engineers. A change was necessary, and it started with leadership being more inclusive. While we promote diversity in its many forms across the Zahn Center, my focus since has been on the aspiring women entrepreneurs on campus.

Programmatically I strive to achieve gender parity, with initiatives like a venture competition track in which qualified entries must have women founders, and a high school bridge program to introduce young women to entrepreneurship at the intersection of STEM.

The environment was heavily male from its professors, to students and presenters. They were all white males.

Would we have stuck with it? By the way, a year later Levi Strauss launched a custom made jeans service using a 3D scanner. I need to know that after completing my program, my female founders will find doors open, capital within reach, and a support network available.

Having experiences like this makes me empathize with the women on campus. Full of ideas and promise, all they need are opportunity, resources, and mentoring.

My colleagues and I have created a culture where young women feel at home and can thrive. I meet students where they are, and allow them to see where they could be.

This means starting with very early ideas in our incubator, and training them to think well beyond that initial concept to a year-old company, fully thriving under their leadership.

For our young women, often the first in their family to go to college, this allows them to envision themselves outside of their current circumstances.

But most of all, we believe in them. None of the changes we made to our program to achieve gender parity are impossible.

And yet, they seem to be an anomaly. We are just the beginning of the startup pipeline. Become an ally in this movement.

After developing innovative solutions for large corporations, she started her own entrepreneurial endeavors in the fields of fashion, consulting, and event planning.

There she inspires young women at the City College of New York to unlock their entrepreneurial potential and turn their visions into sustainable business ventures.

Hudson resides in Queens with her husband. Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee are interested in finding out whether President Donald Trump engaged in unconventional sexual conduct during a November trip to Russia.

The minority released its status report on Tuesday outlining gaps in the panel's Russia probe it believed still needed to be filled after Republicans on the committee announced they were closing the investigation on Monday.

The report highlighted outstanding witness testimony, document requests, subpoenas, and in some cases, legal action Democrats said they were unable to pursue.

In particular, the minority is interested in obtaining records and documents from the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow, which Trump reportedly stayed at when Russia hosted the Miss Universe pageant in Trump's stay at the hotel was one of several events mentioned in the so-called Steele dossier, an explosive collection of memos authored by former British spy Christopher Steele, which alleged collusion between Trump and Russia.

According to the dossier, Trump rented the presidential suite at the hotel and hired prostitutes to perform sexual acts in front of him which involved urination.

The hotel is said to be monitored by Russian intelligence, and the dossier alleged that Russian authorities obtained footage of the events which they then used as leverage over Trump.

There is no indication that the allegation is true. However, both the FBI and the Senate Intelligence Committee are using the document as a "roadmap" to conduct their Russia investigations, and parts of the dossier have been independently corroborated since Steele turned it over to the FBI in Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee's interest in obtaining documents from the Ritz-Carlton is a likely indication of their focus on corroborating parts of the dossier.

Meanwhile, investigative reporters Michael Isikoff and David Corn revealed in their new book that Trump visited a Las Vegas strip club in June — five months before the Miss Universe pageant — whose employees were known to perform similar sexual acts to those outlined in the dossier.

Later that night, Trump had dinner with the Agalarovs and a few others. After they had dinner, the group reportedly went to a Vegas strip club called The Act, which has since shut down amid legal troubles.

The club regularly had performances, according to the book, which featured young women urinating on others. It's unclear which acts were performed the night Trump's party visited the club.

Sin embargo, si una copa de vino durante la cena es el paso decisivo que puede animarle a probar esta forma de alimentarse, brindemos. Le principali manifestazioni del dolore addominale da colica biliare si verificano soprattutto dopo i pasti, in particolare se sono stati sostanziosi e ricchi di grassi, dice la letteratura medica.

Chi soffre di problemi digestivi deve quindi evitare, a pranzo e a cena, di mettere troppi grassi nel piatto.

Ho aspettato a recensire per vedere i risultati. Questa funzione viene svolta dal fegato. Un fuerte abrazo, Eva.

Per contattare la redazione:Arti superiori tendenzialmente magri, senza significativi accumuli di grasso, e arti inferiori con accumuli di grasso e cellulite, soprattutto a livello trocanterico.

Premessa Trigliceridi alti ipertrigliceridemia Dieta per i trigliceridi alti Integratori utili alla dieta per i trigliceridi alti Esempio Dieta per i Trigliceridi Alti.

Home Chi siamo Dove siamo Contattaci Statistiche. La razione minima giornaliera di proteine dovrebbe essere di 50 gr.

En otros grupos de alimentos se ha observado un marcado descenso del consumo, como es el caso de las legumbres.

Cerca ricetta La ricetta del momento: Articoli correlati La dieta per bruciare i grassi. Al adquirir productos elaborados , se debe comprobar siempre sus ingredientes.

Despues de tomar los 50 grms de glucosa a la hora sali con un nivel de No es demasiado alto. Si consiglia una dieta ricca di agrumi vitamina C e bioflavonoidi , uva proantocianidine , olio di oliva e borraggine acido gamma linolenico , verdura verde, carote e pomodori carotenoidi anche sotto forma di succhi centrifugati.

Se facevo una passeggiata al mare, le dita dei piedi si accavallavano con dolori fortissimi e dovevo restare bloccata per almeno 10 minuti.

Ecco il menu vegano del primo ottobre: E per dessert, muffin alla carota. Una bella pelle infatti si conquista anche a tavola. Los hidratos de carbono son necesarios.

Ultimi Labrador retriever iscritti su cani. E per ultima cosa. That being said, I'll share a little bit about what I do to stay healthy, but I can't emphasize enough how important it is to listen to your own body and make food decisions based on what works best for you.

Chiedi consiglio al tuo farmacista. Hello Pamela, Thanks for dropping us a comment. Frittatine veloci e arrotolate con dentro la fesa.

Ebbene, vediamo le possibili soluzioni. Gli scandinavi dovessero rimanere terzi andrebbero a giocarsi la qualificazione agli spareggi.

Es preferible utilizar dulces naturales caseros. Ricette consigliate Frullato invernale Fusilli con ricotta zucchine e arancia Millefoglie melanzane e capperi Maccheroncini in salsa di cipolla Cellentani con le melanzane Bruschette al pomodoro Crostini con le melanzane Seppie con olive e carciofi Polpette di melanzane Pescatrice in padella con zucchine Crema con cestino alla frutta Crepe alla composta di fragole e fragole fresche Schiacciata d'uva Avvertenze I consigli dietetici forniti sono puramente indicativi e non debbono essere considerati sostitutivi delle indicazioni del medico, in quanto alcuni pazienti possono richiedere adattamenti della dieta sulla base della situazione clinica individuale.

Home Articles Herbs Dr. Avere degli addominali scolpiti. Escribo de Peru, y me preguntaba si el desmodium tiene algun nombre comun par aubicarlo en mi pais.

Cum se masoara si cum trebuie consumate. Prima di farlo devi rivolgerti ad un buon centro allergologico. During the first 7 10 days of removing carbohydrates from your diet, your energy levels are highly likely to drop significantly.

No nades a contracorriente amigo ni comas a contra-natura. E voi che fate? Scegliete la pillola blu e venite con me a vedere qual'era questo mondo o scegliete quella rossa e restate nel mondo dominato dall'impero del mais?

L'alimentazione paleolitica prevedeva una componente proteica superiore a quella consigliata oggi e differiva in maniera significativa rispetto a quest'ultima.

Red de Blogs Otro blogs. The letter was reportedly written in June and marks Trump's first known attempt at personal outreach to Putin.

It's not clear whether the letter was ever sent to Putin, and if so, whether Putin responded. The letter has been turned over to investigators probing Russia's interference in the election and whether members of the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow to tilt the race in his favor.

The special counsel Robert Mueller's team is particularly focused on Trump's interest in having Putin attend the event, the report said.

Trump included a handwritten postscript at the bottom the typed letter, The Post reported, saying that he looked forward to seeing "beautiful" women during his trip.

The club regularly had acts, according to the book, which featured young women urinating on others. The revelations in Isikoff's and Corn's book and The Post's report prompted several observers to draw comparisons to certain salacious allegations made in the so-called Steele dossier , an explosive collection of memos by former British spy Christopher Steele , which alleges collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Kaveladze was one of several individuals from Russia's side who attended the meeting , which counterintelligence experts say was part of Russia's attempt to infiltrate the campaign.

Meanwhile, Trump has long espoused a particular fascination with Putin, characterizing him as a tough leader and skilled negotiator. In June , around the time he reportedly wrote Putin the letter inviting him to the pageant, Trump tweeted , " Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow - if so, will he become my new best friend?

Trump's Miss Universe pageant in Moscow was part of his longtime effort to bring the Trump brand to Russia. He had, for years, been working to build a glitzy Trump Tower in Moscow , and he reportedly viewed the pageant as his opportunity to push the deal through.

Once the pageant was underway that November, however, Trump became increasingly preoccupied over whether Putin would attend the event, according to "Russian Roulette.

When he arrived in Moscow for the pageant, Agalarov delivered Trump a private message directly from the Kremlin, the book said: "Mr.

Putin would like to meet Mr. Eventually, however, Trump said Putin's spokesman and top aide Dmitry Peskov had called him to apologize and say Putin would be unable to meet with Trump or attend the pageant after all, because the Netherland's royal family, which was in town, was stuck in a traffic jam and would be late getting to the Kremlin to meet Putin.

Trump said, however, that Peskkov tried to make amends by extending an invitation from Putin to attend the upcoming Olympic Games so they could finally meet.

Peskov added that Putin had a gift for him, according to Trump's account of the conversation which he conveyed to Goldstone.

And although Trump was disappointed Putin wouldn't be attending the lavish event, he reportedly told an associate to spread word after the pageant aired that Putin had stopped by.

The route from airline Loganair , the only major UK airline owned and headquartered in Scotland, covers 1. The flights are serviced by two, eight-seater Britten-Norman Islanders, and while the flight takes an average of one and a half minutes — making it the shortest scheduled route in the world — the quickest time on record is 57 seconds in the air "in a favourable wind," according to the airline.

The airline has been running the route since , celebrating its 50th anniversary in It appears that passengers get a certificate when they complete the flight.

Der kürzeste Linienflug der Welt auf den Orkneys. Video on my Blog. Privately-owned Loganair was founded in and has 30 aircraft in its fleet.

It opened a new terminal building at Sanday in , and carries nearly , passengers every year. Bringing you home! I know the inside of a plane isn't the most picturesque thing, but since the last time I flew with Loganair they have replaced their uniform headrest covers with ones in all colours of harristweed and I LOVE it.

There's even the odd "wee dram" for passengers — but there's no drink service on the second flight. Mueller, the former FBI director, is leading the probe into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the election, and whether Trump obstructed justice during the course of that probe.

Trump's lawyers worry that if he makes false statements during the interview, investigators could charge him with perjury, according to the Times.

A majority of respondents to a recent poll say they want Trump to agree to Mueller's request, but it's unclear what the president — and his lawyers — will ultimately decide.

A sit-down with Trump would give Mueller the opportunity to ask the president about a wide-range of issues related to the Russia investigation.

Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, were also at the meeting. Under pressure to explain the purpose of the meeting, Trump Jr.

Trump reportedly dictated that excuse aboard Air Force One on July 8, The president's aides apparently urged him to draft a truthful statement that could not be repudiated if more details about the meeting emerged, but he overruled them.

Two weeks later, Mark Corallo, the former spokesman for Trump's legal team, resigned. In January , the controversial author Michael Wolff claimed in his book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," that Corallo resigned because he viewed Trump's dictation to his son as possible obstruction of justice.

Mueller has already requested an interview with Corallo. When they meet, Corallo is expected to tell Mueller that White House communications director Hope Hicks reassured Trump that the true nature of the Trump Tower meeting "will never get out," suggesting that she was planning to conceal or destroy the evidence," according to The Times.

On February 13, , Trump fired his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who served just 22 days on the job. But in a tweet last year, Trump wrote that he knew Flynn had lied to the FBI and that was the reason he fired him.

That would suggest that Trump fired Comey, at least in part, to prevent him from pursuing charges against Flynn. Flynn pleaded guilty.

Three months after Flynn's ouster, Trump fired Comey, citing Comey's handling of the FBI's investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server to conduct government business.

He also reportedly told two top Russian government officials, one day after dismissing Comey, that his firing had taken "great pressure" off of him.

Comey's firing prompted Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint a special counsel to continue the Russia investigation. Rosenstein was overseeing the Russia probe because Attorney General Jeff Sessions previously recused himself from taking any investigative role in the investigation since he met with Kislyak, the Russian diplomat, during the presidential campaign.

Trump has criticized Sessions for his recusal, calling him beleaguered and saying that he never would have appointed Sessions as attorney general if he knew he would recuse himself.

Trump has also repeatedly attacked Comey, saying, in one instance , that his leadership at the FBI was "a disaster.

During a potential interview with the president, Mueller is reportedly expected to home in on Trump's rationale for firing Comey, as well as reports that Trump asked him for a loyalty pledge during a private dinner in January Jacarezinho, one of the largest favelas in Rio de Janeiro, is home to a modeling agency that aims to challenge stereotypes and galvanize the community.

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It is a portal to self-actualization. Dianne Feinstein's unilateral release of the Senate Judiciary Committee's August interview with Fusion GPS cofounder Glenn Simpson was applauded by those who called it a win for transparency — and a nail in the coffin of GOP lawmakers' attempts to distract from the probe into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Others, however, viewed the content of Simpson's testimony as validation of a talking point often repeated by President Donald Trump and his allies in the media and Congress: Fusion GPS was working both for the Russians and against Trump — albeit on separate projects — during the election.

The accusation lacks the necessary nuance — Fusion was working for an American law firm, Baker Hostetler, that had been hired by a Russian holding company, Prevezon, as part of a money laundering case in New York's Southern District court.

In late , Fusion was hired by the Republican megadonor Paul Singer to work on an entirely separate project: opposition research on Trump. That research, according to Simpson's testimony, was done using open-source information and covered a wide range of subjects, including the Trump family's reported use of sweat shops in Asia and South America to produce Trump-branded merchandise.

Christopher Steele , the former British spy who had spent decades on the Moscow desk at the UK's foreign intelligence service MI6, was not the only subcontractor Fusion hired to research Trump, Simpson said.

But his research on Trump's Russia ties, conducted between June through December , was arguably the most explosive. Once the timeline of Fusion's projects had been established, Senate investigators asked Simpson whether any of Fusion's employees or subcontractors worked on both the Prevezon and Steele projects.

Simpson told investigators that Edward Baumgartner, who has a degree in Russian language and runs his own consulting firm similar to Fusion but with a focus on Russia and Ukraine worked on both projects.

Simpson said he had been impressed by Baumgartner's "knowledge of the region and his general abilities," which, for Fusion and Baker Hostetler, mostly involved discovery — gathering Russian language documents, reading media reports, and interviewing witnesses who speak Russian.

Baumgartner, a fluent Russian speaker, said he was hired by Fusion to serve as "an interface" with Veselnitskaya, who does not speak much English.

They worked "very closely" together in Washington and Moscow, Baumgartner said, reviewing documents and finding witnesses who could bolster Prevezon's case.

He said he overheard Veselnitskaya speaking by phone to the Russian prosecutor, Yuri Chaika, several times in a way that struck him as being "friendly, like a family friend," rather than hierarchical.

Chaika's relationship with Veselnitskaya was heavily scrutinized last summer after Donald Trump Jr. Veselnitskaya attended a meeting at Trump Tower on June 9, She brought with her what she considered to be dirt on Clinton and the Democrats: a memo that suggested the American firm Ziff Brothers Investments — which she said had helped Browder illegally buy up Gazprom shares — had "financed the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Trump's campaign chairman Paul Manafort and son-in-law Jared Kushner were similarly unimpressed, according to their own recollections of the rendezvous.

It is not clear whether that was the only document Veselnitskaya brought to the meeting. But a memo that closely mirrored the one Veselnitskaya brought with her had been given by Chaika's office to US Rep.

Dana Rohrabacher two months earlier , suggesting a degree of coordination between Veselnitskaya and the Russian government.

Baumgartner, for his part, said the last time he met with Veselnitskaya face-to-face was sometime in early June — possibly the day of the Trump Tower meeting, but he couldn't recall the exact date.

Veselnitskaya didn't tell Simpson about the meeting, either, according to his congressional testimony. Baumgartner said that while he stopped dealing with Veselnitskaya in June , his legal involvement with the Prevezon case formally ended in October By that point, he had been working with Fusion GPS on its election-related opposition research for about three months.

I would have had nothing to add, anyway. I produce memos based on information that is in the public record that can be given to the feds or shared with journalists.

Baumgartner declined to speak in detail about the election-related work he did for Fusion. But he said his responsibilities involved, among other things, writing reports that compiled "everything publicly known" about Trump campaign associates like Carter Page and Manafort.

With regard to what Fusion told journalists about the research it had been doing throughout , Simpson, like Baumgartner, said the firm discussed things with reporters that were already "in the public record.

Simpson went on in the testimony to describe in more detail how Fusion went about analyzing the raw intelligence Steele reported back to the firm from his sources in Russia and elsewhere.

Sergei Ivanov, who served as Putin's chief of staff until August ,was managing the election interference operation, according to Steele's sources.

Steele was wary of being fed disinformation, Simpson told the committee. A central concern among those scrutinizing the overlap between Fusion's work for Prevezon and its Trump-related research was whether the Russians would catch wind of that project and plant disinformation to undermine it.

And I'm not telling you that. I'm telling you that I don't believe this is disinformation. The specific importance of such a deposition is hard to judge.

The New York Times reports that Mueller seems interested in topics that would imply more of a focus on the possibility of obstruction of justice than on collusion with Russia during the campaign, but that is somewhat speculative.

Assuming the deposition occurs, Trump will make political history as only the fifth sitting president to be deposed, following in the footsteps of Ulysses Grant, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and, most consequentially Bill Clinton—whose lie about not having a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky in a deposition led to his impeachment.

For Trump, however, depositions are familiar territory. In , he said during a deposition that he had done more than over the course of his career.

Transcripts, and in one case video, of three depositions taken over the last decade provide a fascinating look into how the prolifically dissembling president behaves when he is under oath.

The Donald Trump who emerges from these depositions is the same but different from the one familiar to Americans today.

He is just as apt to bluster and braggadocio, and sometimes peevish. But within the confines of conference rooms and offices, he is calmer, more restrained, and more deliberate than his public persona, and with the tether of his oath holding him back, often acknowledges when he is wrong or has misrepresented things in the past.

Fact-checkers have made tallying the lies and untruths that the president delivers nearly a competitive sport.

Trump is personally involved in everything that his name represents. Q: So did you have any understanding when you signed the lease as to what your rights were relative to getting damages against the tenant in the event of a default by the tenant?

Trump: No. When I signed the lease, you know, my son said we have the lease, so I signed the lease. But, really, they knew it much better than I did.

So I rely—so I very rarely get too involved in it. The Post found 30 occasions in that deposition alone where Trump admitted to making false statements.

Instead, he found repeated ways to explain his untruths. Why had he claimed to own 50 percent of a business when he only owned 30?

He had decided that the value to his brand made up another grand. The reason, he said, was that it varied, and just not with the market. You always want to put the best foot forward.

In most cases, videos of his appearances are not available. In a suit over Trump University, for example, transcripts of two depositions were released , but Judge Gonzalo Curiel yes, the one Trump said was biased against him because of his Mexican heritage blocked the release of the videos.

But in the Trump Hotel case, videos were released. They show a Trump who is calm and deliberate, and while his speaking style is recognizable, he seems to take his time and consider answers and thoughts far more carefully than he does in public appearances.

For the first half of the Trump Hotel deposition, Trump sits with his arms crossed, looking cross. In other cases, he is even more querulous.

Later, he scolded the lawyer as she handed him documents. Would that be okay? Some of his irritability may represent a strategic choice.

But Trump seems to get in on the act, too. He often acts aggrieved about certain lines of questioning or treats the opposing lawyers as though their questions are preposterous.

He also repeatedly goes on tangents, bragging about the value of his business or about his political success or whatever else might strike his fancy, even as he accuses opposing counsel of filibustering.

These techniques for running out the clock, as well as the penchant for projection, will be familiar to anyone who watched Trump debate in or It helps that Trump claims to have done practically no preparation for the Trump University and Trump Hotel depositions.

I spoke with my counsel for a short period of time. But Trump clearly had little knowledge of how Trump University ran.

He could not explain what students received in the apprentice or Gold Elite programs. I mean, I have lawyers that do this. It could be. There is at this point no doubt that Trump aides were in contact with Russia, both before and after the election, and that they for some reason tried to cover it up.

While the question of collusion is basically settled, there is not yet any evidence to prove that crimes were committed—nor, importantly, is there any evidence that proves that Donald Trump was aware of any of these contacts.

But the depositions show that Trump is also experienced in the favorite tactic of people being asked uncomfortable questions under oath: Profess having no recollection.

A fierce, but muted, battle erupted last year between banker-turned-human-rights activist Bill Browder and the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which produced the explosive, unverified dossier that detailed President Donald Trump's alleged ties to, and escapades in, Russia.

Dianne Feinstein, unilaterally released the transcript of an interview the committee conducted last August with Fusion's cofounder, Glenn Simpson.

In the interview, Simpson said his work for the American law firm BakerHostetler — which was representing the Russian holding company, Prevezon, accused by the US government of laundering money into New York City real-estate — was focused "on trying to get William Browder to testify under oath about his role in this case and his activities in Russia.

Browder, according to Simpson, had told the Justice Department that the laundered money was stolen from Russia as part of the tax-fraud scheme that his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, had uncovered in Magnitsky was arrested and imprisoned that year, and Browder's reputation has become inextricably linked to the global human-rights campaign he launched after Magnitsky died in prison in Simpson told lawmakers in August that Browder would not answer any of BakerHostetler's questions about Magnitsky and Prevezon's purported involvement in the tax-fraud scheme.

Browder also evaded subpoenas, Simpson said. Browder, a wealthy investor who renounced his US citizenship in , has characterized Fusion's work for BakerHostetler as a "smear campaign" and tweeted on Tuesday that Simpson repeated "old and false Russian government attacks on me and Sergei Magnitsky.

In December , Browder lodged a formal complaint with the Department of Justice alleging that Fusion's work for BakerHostetler on behalf of Prevezon violated disclosure requirements.

That complaint caught the eye of Republican Sen. Grassley's interest in the firm wasn't limited to its connection to the Prevezon case. He also wanted the Justice Department to investigate Fusion's role in overseeing "the creation of the unsubstantiated dossier of allegations of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians" — the Trump-Russia dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele.

Fusion has said that it was hired by an American law firm, which the firm argues would not put it in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Fusion said in a previous statement that the president's "political allies are targeting Fusion GPS because the firm was reported to be the first to raise the alarm over [the] Trump campaign's links to Russia.

Grassley and Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham sent a criminal referral about Steele to the Justice Department last week asking officials to probe whether Steele had lied to federal agents about his contacts with the media.

But a spokesperson for Grassley, Taylor Foy, disputed last year that Grassley's interest in Fusion is politically motivated.

Fusion has denied that its opposition research against Browder on behalf of BakerHostetler was an effort to undermine the Magnitsky Act.

The basis for that claim is that Browder was never able to prove that Prevezon engaged in the tax-fraud scheme Magnitsky allegedly uncovered.

Veselnitsksya and Akhmetshin met with Donald Trump Jr. The New York Times disclosed the meeting last summer, prompting reporters to scrutinize Veselnitskaya's relationship with Simpson in an attempt to understand who she is, who she works for, and who works for her.

Simpson told the committee in August that he had known Veselnitskaya since , through their involvement with the Prevezon case, and had known Akhmetshin since he was a reporter at The Wall Street Journal.

Simpson testified that, despite having met with Veselnitskaya and Akhmetshin both before and after the Trump Tower meeting to discuss the Prevezon case, he was not made aware of her rendezvous with the high-level campaign officials.

Asked about Veselnitskaya in an email last summer, Browder responded with a PowerPoint presentation that he said highlighted the role she played in trying to get the Magnitsky Act repealed in She had help, the slide deck asserts, from some of the "best and brightest minds" in Washington, including Simpson.

Browder characterized Simpson as "a bit player" and said his vendetta was against "Vladimir Putin, who murdered Magnitsky and covered up the crimes of his officials.

Some, primarily those sympathetic to Moscow, dispute Browder's story about Magnitsky. People close to Simpson contend he is not necessarily one of them.

Indeed, Simpson told lawmakers that he was "extremely sympathetic for what happened to Sergei Magnitsky. But Simpson and Browder have a somewhat bitter history that has become increasingly politicized amid the intensifying probes into Russia's meddling in the presidential election and the Trump campaign's possible role in it.

Simpson told lawmakers in August that Browder "was willing to, you know, hand stuff off to the DOJ anonymously in the beginning and cause them to launch a court case against somebody, but he wasn't interested in speaking under oath about, you know, why he did that, his own activities in Russia.

He said Fusion had uncovered evidence that Browder sought to evade taxes in Russia using "dozens of shell companies in Cyprus and other tax havens," adding that one of his "interests or even obsessions over the last decade has been corruption in Russia and Russian kleptocracy and the police state that was there.

He characterized Browder's behavior in the Prevezon proceedings as "a determined effort to avoid testifying under oath," which included "running away from subpoenas and making "lurid allegations" against Fusion.

Browder pushed back on that claim in a tweet on Tuesday: "Simpson forgot to mention in his testimony-that subpoena was quashed by the court," he wrote.

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, on Tuesday released the full transcript of the committee's interview with the cofounder of the firm that produced the collection of memos outlining alleged collusion between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia.

Glenn Simpson, the cofounder of Fusion GPS, said in the transcript that the opposition research dossier's author went to the FBI in July when he became worried that then-candidate Trump was being blackmailed.

Feinstein's decision to release the transcript unilaterally came after weeks of back-and-forth between the committee and Fusion GPS, whose cofounders asked that the transcripts be released in a recent op-ed published by the New York Times.

The committee's Republican chairman, Chuck Grassley, said on Monday that he was not planning to release the transcript yet.

He said in August that the committee would vote on whether to release the page testimony, but that vote never came to fruition.

Grassley and his Republican colleague, Sen. Lindsey Graham, surprised Democrats last Friday when they issued a criminal referral to the Justice Department for Steele.

The only way to set the record straight is to make the transcript public. Feinstein for her courage. Steele first spoke with an FBI contact in Rome about his findings in late June or early July, Simpson said, shortly after he wrote his first memo.

Steele "said he was professionally obligated" to report those findings to the FBI, according to Simpson. Gracias y saludos.

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